Mountainglider's Calendar

Check out our calendar and find a time slot for your flight!
Please note that our tandem season runs from the end of May until the end of October!

Time slots - Standard time slots for tandem flights are in blocks of 2.5 hours:
from 08:45 to 11:15 - "MORNING"
from 11:15 to 13:45 - "MIDDAY"
from 13:45 to 16:15 - "1st AFTERNOON"
from 16:15 to 18:45 - "2nd AFTERNOON" 

Click on the following link to proceed with a reservation enquiry for a standard tandem flight from Cimetta to Locarno (or Ascona).

Special events

In June and July - Take advantage of the special late afternoon flights from Cimetta!
We take the cable car at about 19:00, hike from Cardada to Cimetta (45min, very easy), takeoff at 20:00 for a wonderful flight in the evening sky, simply beautiful!