Mountainglider's Contest 2012

We are really proud to announce that all passengers flying with us in 2012 will participate to our big contest and get great chances to win this amazing prize:

an incredible ADVENTURE-PACKAGE worth over CHF 1000.-!!!

Come to Ticino for 2-3 days and enjoy the following activities:


Experience the fascination of free fall with your personal tandem instructor that handles all important features of the jump for you. You will experience approximately 50 seconds of free fall - fastened tightly with your instructor - until the opening altitude of 1500 meters.
Win a skydiving tandem experience from 4000 meters worth CHF 425.-!!!


Experience canyoning... sliding, jumping, rappelling and exploring some of nature's most beautiful hidden places in the valleys around Locarno. Discover why canyoneers from all over the world gravitate to Ticino!
Win a voucher at Indepth Outthere worth CHF 200.-!!!


Go for a fabulous single trail or follow some crazy freeride tracks with the best guided mountain bike tours in the Ticino Alps.
Win a voucher for an exciting tour with Ticino Freeride worth CHF 200.-!!!


Stay at Ca'Serafina in Lodano, Valle Maggia, enjoy the magnificent 19th century ticinese house and feel just like home.
Win an overnight in double room at Ca'Serafina worth CHF 200.-!!!

All the passengers flying between 01.01.2012 and 31.12.2012 will automatically participate to the contest. The name of the winner will be posted in January 2013 on this page. So, come and take your chance!!!