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Bicycle? Leave your bicycle at the entrance of the restaurant Delta Meeting Point Delta 
Booking? Please fill out our online form in order to send a reservation enquiry for a standard tandem flight from Cimetta Online booking 
Brochures? We have a very nice brochure ready to download. Flyer Cimetta 2017 
Cable car? When we talk about the cable car, it is the one starting in Orselina to Cardada/Cimetta Cardada Impianti Turistici SA 
Calendar? We have an updated calendar with all our appointments. Find a time slot for your flight! Calendar + online booking 
Children? We take children from 4 years old and up... Please ask ThiO ;-)  
Confirmation? This is very important: please contact us two days before your appointment to get confirmation!  
Contact? Mobile phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email Email 
Costs? The flight from Cimetta is CHF 180.-/pers. Consider CHF 19.-/pers. for the transportations, i.e. cable car and taxi ride. GoPro video is CHF 25.-.  
Costs for L.A.F.? Late afternoon flights from Cimetta are CHF 220.-/pers. Consider another CHF 19.-/pers. for the cable car trip.  
Credit card? We prefer cash but if you can't get it before your flight, ask ThiO for other arrangements.  
Deutsch? Follow the link to download the german flyer  Flyer auf deutsch  
Flight tickets? You have to sign a flight ticket to agree with the liability regulations. Passengers under 18 years of age must have the ticket signed by their parents!  
Flight time? The normal glide is 20 minutes. But when conditions are good we can stay in the air for up to 1 hour (without extra costs)  
Gallery? Have a look at our Pinterest gallery Pinterest 
Insurance? Paragliding is not considered a hazardous activity and is covered by the Swiss Accident Insurance. Passengers from other countries must have sufficient health and accident insurance coverage (including sports accidents). If you are not insured, we will provide a single accident insurance coverage for CHF 20.-/flight!  
Italiano? Follow the link to download the italian flyer  Flyer in italiano 
Landing? We land at the Delta in Locarno, the most exciting in Switzerland: it's like landing on an island! Delta Landing 
Landing site directions? If you want to go to the landing site, you have to pass through the restaurant and the campsite. It's a private campground, so please respect the guests! Camping Delta 
Languages? Italian, German, French, English and Schwiitzerdütsch  
Late? Please be on time. If you're late, please call to inform us. Another possibility is to meet 30 minutes later at the cable car station in Orselina.  
Late afternoon flight? This is a special offer, please ask for availability! There is a little hike included, approximately 1 hour and 300m up...  
Learning? You would like to learn to fly? You may ask Renato from Paramania... Paramania Flying School 
Liability? The transportation during our tandem flights is NOT regulated by the terms of Air Transport Regulations of 17.08.2005. The pilot's liability and respectively the contracting party's liability for the passengers is limited to CHF 72'500.- for death or injury, and to CHF 2'000.- for loss or damage to transported goods.  
Meeting point? Our standard meeting point is at the entrance of the Restaurant Delta, in Via Respini, 6600 Locarno Meeting Point Delta 
Meeting point? All meeting points are now on Street View! Please scroll down to the "Street view?" questions and follow the links.  
Meeting times? 8:45, 11:15, 13:45 and 16:15. For late afternoon flights meeting time is at 18:45  
Other meeting points? Alternatively it's possible to meet in Orselina (+20min.), Cardada (+40min.) or Cimetta (+50min.). See the exact locations at the "Street view?" questions and follow the corresponding links.  
Parking? There is plenty of parking all along Via Respini for a cost of CHF 1.50 for 2.5 hours!  
Payment? Cash at the end of each flight is what we prefer. If you can't get the cash, please ask ThiO for another payment arrangement.  
Phone? Mobile 0041 79 761 51 06 (ThiO). SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger  
Photos? We provide GoPros for your own use! At the end of the flight, buy the card for just CHF 25.- (Sandisk Ultra microSDHC with adapter). Also feel free to bring your own camera, but make sure there is a hand strap to secure the camera during the flight! Photos 2017 
Photos? Almost 10 years of photos... All picture's gallery 
Presentation? We have a dedicated page for the flights from Cimetta The flight from Cimetta 
Ready to takeoff? We will be ready to takeoff from Cimetta approximately one hour after the meeting time at the Camping Delta. Cimetta Takeoff 
Reservations? Check the calendar first, then book your desired time slot through our reservation form. Calendar + online booking 
Return from landing? It takes 7 minutes to walk from the landing place back to the meeting point at the restaurant Delta Delta Landing 
Review? Search for "Mountaingliders, Locarno" on Google Maps and leave your comments! Mountaingliders on Google Maps 
Season? The paragliding tandem season runs from the end of May to the end of October. In July and August we offer daily flights. Otherwise flights are mainly on weekends!  
Sickness? A paragliding flight might be comparable to a boat/car trip. If you think you are prone to motion sickness, please advice the pilot before takeoff. We can provide medicated chewing gum to prevent or reduce motion sickness.  
Social? Yes, we are on Facebook. Please like us! Facebook 
Street view? Delta Meeting Point Goto Street view! 
Street view? Cardada Meeting Point Goto Street view! 
Street view? Orselina (cable-car station) Goto Street view! 
Street view? Ascona Meeting Point Goto Street view! 
Street view? Cimetta takeoff Goto Street view! 
Takeoff? The takeoff is located in Cimetta, just in front of the large antenna. You can find us on Street View, just look for "Mountaingliders, Locarno" on Google Maps! Cimetta Takeoff 
Taxi? We generally use Ecotaxis to go from the meeting point at the restaurant Delta to the cable car station in Orselina (CHF 18.- offered by Mountaingliders) Ecotaxi 
Testimonials? Take one minute to watch this video (skip forward to 05:30)... Vagabrother's video 
Thermal flights? If we are lucky enough to have the right conditions, there is a possibility to catch the thermal winds which allows us to spend more time in the air. We don't charge extra and gladly take advantage of the extended flight time!  
Time slots? Every time slot is 2.5 hours: morning 08:45-11:15, midday 11:15-13:45, 1st afternoon 13:45-16:15, 2nd afternoon 16:15-18:45 Calendar 
Train? From the train station in Locarno, head towards the lake and follow the pedestrian walkway keeping the lake on your left hand side. It's approximately a 20 minute walk to the meeting point! Meeting Point Delta 
Transportation? We generally take taxis to reach the cable car station in Orselina (15 min. drive).  
Video? We provide GoPros for your own use! At the end of the flight, buy the card for just CHF 25.- (Sandisk Ultra microSDHC with adapter)  
Vouchers? We have very nice vouchers! Follow the link... Vouchers 
Water level? The water level of the lake needs to be < 194m otherwise the landing is underwater! Alternative landing: old airport in Ascona. Ascona Landing 
Weather? We don't fly in case of rain or northern wind. Weather 
Weight range? From 30 to 90 Kg (ThiO's range). Please contact us for passengers outside this weight range! We can provide pilots for passengers up to 125 Kg!  
What to bring? Windbreaker, sunglasses, hiking shoes or sneakers (no sandals, no flip-flops, no heeled shoes), and don't forget your camera!  
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