Hike & Fly arrangements

Discover a new way of mountaineering: trekking tours + tandem flights!

We organize trekking tours all over the southern Alps of Switzerland, specifically in Ticino. The offers range from a very easy level of hiking, to multiple day tours with several trekking hours on spectacular trails. You can choose one of our standard packages that fits your physical fitness level or request a quote for your personalized tour.
All tours are led by an experienced mountain guide (Alpine Tourism Professional) with excellent territorial knowledge. You will be in good hands!

For your paragliding flights, you will be accompanied by a tandem pilot. The pilots carry all the equipment to the top. If you're fit enough, you can help with all the heavy stuff! But usually they are too proud to accept the help...


Once on the summit, you will be rewarded with spectacular views, swiss chocolate and then a fantastic tandem flight back down! This is what makes this offer so wonderful! Something incredible to tell your friends about.

So, go further and get the full experience: go for a Hike & Fly with Mountaingliders!

Standard Packages

In the following table you can find some of our standard tours.
In June and July we offer special "late afternoon flights" in combination with an easy hike from Cardada 1330m to Cimetta 1640m. This package is sold for a special price and includes the cable car costs! See rates and prices below.

 Name Route  Level  Hike
 Cimetta Cardada 1330m - Cimetta 1640m (late afternoon flights)
 Cima della Trosa
Cimetta 1640m - Cima della Trosa 1870m
 Monte Gambarogno
Neggia 1395m -  Monte Gambarogno 1734m
 Monte Salmone
Auressio 620m - Monte Salmone 1560m
 Madone Cimetta 1640 - Trosa 1870m - Madone 2050m
 Gridone Mergugno 1060m - Rif. al Legn 1785m - Fumadiga 2010m

More Hike & Fly: Mission Yeti

We think you should know that we call our hike and fly tours by a more familiar expression "Mission Yeti", in honor of the GIN Yeti mountain glider.

The complete list of our Mission Yeti adventures can be found here!!!

Rates and prices

How to calculate the cost for your personal Hike & Fly tour. It's quite simple.

1) We charge CHF 72.- per hiking hour per person (this includes the guide).
2) The mountain tandem flight is CHF 180.- per person.

Just add 1) and 2) to get your package cost.

Example for a group of 3 people for Madone: 2h x 72 CHF/h + 180 CHF = 324 CHF (per person). Total is 3 x 324 CHF = 972 CHF.