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Mission Yeti: Adula 2012

posted Sep 19, 2012, 2:38 AM by Christian Thio   [ updated Sep 19, 2012, 3:50 AM ]
Status: Completed!
Date: 15-16.09.2012.

If you are looking for light equipment, like harness and/or emergency parachute, Renato at www.paramania.ch will be glad to rent some. Remember: every little Kg counts!

Route Day 1: Alpe della Bolla 1717m - Alpe Carassimo 1766m - Cap. Adula UTOE 2393m.
Heights Day 1: 680m up (2h30', easy-medium).
Route Day 2: Cap. Adula UTOE 2393m - point 2936m - Adulajoch 3280m - Rheinwaldhorn 3402m.
Heights Day 2: 1000m up (3h15', medium-hard).

Meeting: 15.09.2012, 14:30 Centro Polisport Olivone (Valle di Blenio).
Mountaingliders: Thio, Biagio, Ale, Miro, ...
Photos: Album in Picasa.
Video: Youtube.
Maps: see attachments below or see it in GoogleMaps.
Profile: see attachments below.
Live track: SPOT ThiO.Ch (follow us live!).
Views: Adula 360° (go virtually to the top and enjoy the view!).
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