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Mission Yeti: Cassimoi 2012

posted Sep 18, 2012, 6:20 AM by Christian Thio   [ updated Sep 19, 2012, 2:41 AM ]
Status: Completed!
Date: 15.09.2012.

Biagio, Ale and Miro picked me up on the road at Ponte Lesgiüna, between Biasca and Malvaglia, where I left my car. It took us about one hour to drive to Larécc 1635m, at the Diga del Luzzone (follow Alpe Garzott), where we parked Biagio's car. At 19:15 we were ready to start our hike to the Rifugio Scaradra at 2173m. In the small hut we had a sweet surprise: three girls were already accommodating at the kitchen table, so happy just a second before to be there all alone... A funny situation but we had a great time together. Thanks Nadia, Prisca and Jantine.
The day after we followed the path up to Passo Soreda 2759m until point at altitude 2680m, then turned south to Vadrecc di Sorda. Miro went to Sella del Cassinello 3019m and joined the summit 3128m of Cassimoi from ENE. Ale, Biagio and Thio took the south slope of the summit.
After a long pause to take photos, we continued to point 3079m and reaches the SE summit of Cassimoi at 3129m with its spectacular vertical south wall. Cassimoi's top is big and flat, and with some wind coming from WNW, the perfect place to play with the wings practicing some ground handling and kite slides! We had great fun but 2 hours after we were KO! At 15:45 we finally took-off and had wonderful flights mainly in Val di Carassino with good thermals up to 3200m!

Route Day 1: Larécc 1635m - Alpe Scaradra 1797m - Rifugio Scaradra 2173m
Heights: 540m up (1h30', medium).
Route Day 2: Rifugio Scaradra 2173m - Alt. 2680m (dir. Passo Soreda) - Vadrecc di Sorda - Cassimoi 3128m - Bocchetta 3079m - Cassimoi 3129m.
Heights: 700m up (3h00', medium-hard).

Meeting: 14.09.2012, 18:00 Ponte Lesgiüna (Biasca-Malvaglia).
Mountaingliders: Ale, Biagio, Miro, Thio.
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