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Mission Yeti: Pizzo Barone 2010

posted Sep 24, 2010, 1:16 AM by Christian Thio   [ updated Oct 13, 2010, 1:00 AM ]
Status: Partially completed!
Date: 01-02.10.2010.

We had a really cloudy friday to start with. On the bus to Sonogno: Anton, Mani, Jacques, Tita and Thio. At Rist. Alpino in Sonogno we had an icecream just before departure at 15:45. Following the road we reached Cabioi in 45 minutes walk. From there on we hiked on the path to Corte di Fondo 1487m (17:40) first and then up to Piodoo 1950m and Capanna Barone 2172m (19:15). We had little rain and a lot of fog. A big thank you to sherpa Anton who carried Jacques's backpack, way too heavy for him, for the steepest part of the trekking. Never give up, keep together!
Andy and Biagio did a night hike and reached the hut at 21:30 in complete darkness and heavy fog!
The day after began with some clouds on the peaks but good sight all around.
09:30 - We left Capanna Barone and the weather was changing fast. We hiked to Lago Barone 2391m practically immersed in the clouds! Humor was high and we told ourselves: just go up! In the steepest part, from the lake to the top, the clouds were very thick and the hike turned to something mystical in the silent of our breath.
11:15 - A twenty meters before the summit, the light changed from white to blue, opening a splendid clear view to the cross and all around only clouds. Wow, simply divine! The atmosphere up there was so magnificent and pleasant that we enjoyed every minute of our long waiting for open view down to valley. No chance, it was impossible to fly down with those heavy clouds!
13:30 - We decided to hike down. Conditions has been almost the same for hours.
14:45 - Back to Capanna Barone again. For some times clouds seems opening, so let's open our wings and hope for clear view down to valley...
15:15 - Abort, abort! No flights. Heavy fog turned back too soon and stucked even more than before. We had to store the wings back in the backpacks!
16:30 - We were ready for a second try at height 1840m. Still enough to fly to Sonogno.
16:47 - Landing near Sonogno.
18:00 - Everybody was back and drinking beer at Rist. Alpino in Sonogno.

It's been hard but we did it! 

Day 01: 15:31 Sonogno 920m - Cabioi 1079m - Corte della Pianca 1552m - Capanna Barone 2172m.
Heights: 1250m (4h30', medium-hard).
Bus: 14:20 Locarno Stazione, 14:34 Gordola Posta.

Day 02: Capanna Barone 2172m - Lago Barone 2391m - Pizzo Barone 2864m - Cascina Nuova 1602m (paragliding flights) - Capanna Soveltra 1534m - Capanna Barone 2172m - Cabioi 1079m - Sonogno 900m.
Heights: 700m up (2h, medium), 1960m down (4h).

Meeting: 01.10.2010, see you in the bus.
Mountaingliders: ThiO, Tita, Andy, Mani, Biagio, Anton, Jacques.
Photos: Picasa or ThiO.Ch.
Program: click here to download the complete program (italian only).
Maps: CN 1272 Campo Tencia.
Profile: see attachments below.
Views: Barone 360°.
Group: discussions on Mountainglider's group.
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Christian Thio,
Sep 24, 2010, 1:38 AM