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Mission Yeti: Punta di Stou 2011

posted Jan 2, 2012, 9:57 AM by Christian Thio
Status: Completed!
Date: 28.12.2011.

It was the 26.12.2011 when I realized that the next two days will be good for a new Mission Yeti! I had to find a destination where the start is quite high because of the little snow in the mountains! Normally you do such kind of missions rather in march. But it's just fine with the snow, and we could take advantage to climb higher!
So we got the chair-lift at the Nara Resort and started our mission at 1937m! Eight mountaingliders and two friends flying down with our tandems. The snow was just perfect with no risk at all, considering the last snowfall in 16.12.2011. We got the perfect day!

Route: Nara (Cambra) 1937m - Pian Laghetto 1912m, Arbión 2300m - Punta di Stou 2566m.
Heights: 700m up (3h00', medium).

Meeting: 28.12.2010, 08:00 Rest. Meridiano (Arbedo-Castione) - 09:00 Ski Resort Nara (Valle di Blenio).
Mountaingliders: Andrea, Anton, Biagio, Charlie, Davide, Diego, Mani, Miro, Silvan, Thio.
Photos: Album in Picasa.
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Live track: SPOT ThiO.Ch (follow us live!).
Views: Punta di Stou 360° (go virtually to the top and enjoy the view!).
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