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Mission Yeti: Val Piora 2011

posted Sep 26, 2011, 6:37 AM by Christian Thio   [ updated Nov 22, 2011, 7:49 AM ]
Status: Completed!
Date: 24.-25.09.2011.

This time the adventure is on the north part of Ticino in Val Piora, Val Cadlimo and Val Canaria. The mountains there are just filled with nice lakes and tons of grassy slopes. The perfect playground for every mountainglider. With good thermal conditions, one can stay easily in the air and have a fantastic trip from one peak to the other.

Route Day 1: Ritom 1850m - Capanna Cadagno 1987m - Lago di Dentro 2298m - Pizzo Corandoni 2659m - fly to Lago Cadagno 1921m (Cadagno di Fuori).
Heights: 850m up (3h, medium).
Route Day 2: Ritom 1850m - Lago di Tom 2022m - Lago Scuro 2451m - Capanna Cadlimo 2570m - Mottone 2762m - fly to Airolo 1100m trough Val Canaria.
Heights: 1000m up (3h30', medium-hard).
Meeting: 24.09.2011, 07:00 S. Antonino, 08:00 Airolo train station.
Mountaingliders: Thio, Biagio, Andy, Luli and Tita.
Photos: Picasa.
Video: ---.
Maps: see it on Google Maps.
Live track: SPOT ThiO.Ch (follow us live!).
Views: Pizzo Taneda 360° (go virtually to the top and enjoy the view!).
Group: discussions on Mountainglider's group.
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