Cimetta, the mountain above Locarno and Lago Maggiore!

Why should you go for a paragliding tandem flight from Cimetta?

A Paragliding Flight from Cimetta over Lago Maggiore with Mountaingliders
Because it is simply the best flying experience one can ever imagine!!! Mountains, forest, city and lake scenery, a truly unique panorama to be seen from a bird’s-eye view. Don’t miss this great opportunity to come to Locarno and let us glide you through the air like a bird!
Paragliding Tandem passenger at Cimetta Take-off

Public transportation departure directly from Locarno city: the old but nice cable railway is located only few meters from the main train station. From the meeting point at the Delta, we will take a short taxi ride to the cable car station in Orselina.

The Film Festival on the Piazza Grande in LocarnoLocarno on Ice on the Piazza Grande in Locarno From Orselina 495m we continue to climb the mountain by cable car to Cardada 1340m and the further to Cimetta 1670m. The paragliding takeoff site in Cimetta is located near a restaurant with gorgeous views and easily accessible from the chair lift station. We are on Street View now, so check it out!

The large height difference of 1450m guarantees a marvelous flight time lasting at least 20..30 minutes. If we are lucky enough to catch the thermal winds, then it could last even longer!

Enjoy and discover another perspective gliding smoothly over the city on Lago Maggiore… Have you ever experienced Piazza Grande from above? In summer or in winter, it’s always a breathtaking experience!!! See the pictures on the left.

The Paragliding Landing at the Delta Lago Maggiore in Locarno

Our personal suggestion: flying during the “Moon and Stars” over the concerts is incredible!

And last but not least, landing at the beach of the Locarno Delta and approaching from over the lake is unforgettable! Don’t forget your swimsuit for a refreshing swim in the Maggia river!

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